Mars Unicorn Travertine

Is one of the most unusual travertines in the world. This Travertine has a red background with orange, yellow and white veins and sometimes they appear a bit darker. There are two types of this color, light red and dark red. This stone is cut in two wavy and non-wavy forms.


Make accessories: NoOxidation: NoResistance: GoodCleaning*: EasyDistinctness: Yes, just ExteriorFinish**: By Order type


Exterior wall: Yesoutside floor: YesInterior wall: YesInterior floor: yes
Offices: yesHotel: yespavement: NoSwimming pool: No
Predestrian pavement: yesGarden: By Order typeRestaurant: YesShopping center: Yes

Size: Thickness: available in 2 to 5 cm

(80*40) cm(120*60) cm(50*50) cm(80*80) cm           (120*120) cm(250*180) cm
By order type(100*50) cm     (40*40) cm(60*60) cm(100*100) cm(250*150) cm

Mars Unicorn Stones Analysis

2.672.72.07Specific Gravity
506780250Compressive Strength
2.45.560.05Water Absorption
36.53Abrasion Resistance
Mars Unicornmax.min.Desirable Amount