Chocolate Marble

This stone has a dark brown background that is filled with creamy color veins. It has been one of the most frequently selected collections by architects and interior designers.


Make accessories: No Oxidation: No Resistance: Good Cleaning*: Very Easy Distinctness: Yes, Just exterior Finish**: By Order Type



Interior floor: Yes Interior wall: Yes Outside floor: Yes Exterior wall: Yes
Swimming pool: By Usage Type Pavement: Yes Hotel: Yes Offices: Yes
Shopping center: Yes Restaurant: Yes Garden: By Order Type Pedestrian pavement: Yes


Size: Thickness: available in 2 to 5 cm

(250*180) cm (120*120) cm (80*80) cm (50*50) cm (120*60) cm (80*40) cm
(250*150) cm (100*100) cm (60*60) cm (40*40) cm (100*50) cm By order type


Pink Onyx Stones Analysis

Specific Gravity 2.5 2.8 2.66
Compressive Strength 500 1500 1230
Water Absorption 0.3 1.5 0.73
Porosity PETTY 2.5 0.83
Abrasion Resistance 2.5 6 3
Desirable Amount min. max. Dark Cream Stardust