Merkury King Travertine

With black and smoky background, sometimes they are with white veins and white waves. Merkury King travertine in terms of color change and rigidity has hight silvery color. It is also cut into wavy and non-wavy forms.


Make accessories: No Oxidation: No Resistance: Good Cleaning*: Easy Distinctness: Yes, just Exterior Finish**: By Order type



Exterior wall: Yes outside floor: Yes Interior wall: Yes Interior floor: Yes
Offices: Yes Hotel: Yes pavement: Yes Swimming pool: No
Predestrian pavement: Yes garden: By Order type restaurant: Yes Shopping center: Yes


Size: Thickness: available in 2 to 5 cm

(80*40) cm (120*60) cm (50*50) cm (80*80) cm (120*120) cm (250*180) cm
By order type (100*50) cm (40*40) cm (60*60) cm (100*100) cm (250*150) cm


Pink Onyx Stones Analysis

2.67 2.7 2.07 Specific Gravity
400 780 250 Compressive Strength
0.21 5.56 0.05 Water Absorption
5 10 3 Porosity
3 6.5 3 Abrasion Resistance
pink onyx max. min. Desirable Amount